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There are many reasons for engaging in one to one counselling.

  • Being able to talk through difficult issues to gain understanding.

  • Dealing with relationships.

  • Life transitions.

  • Making sense of a particular event or experience.

  • Self development.

  • Feeling stuck and wanting change.

  • Undoing self-criticism.

  • Feeling lonely and disconnected.

  • Social anxiety.

  • Problem solving and decision making.

 Counselling gives you a chance to work on aspects of your life so you can live in a way that is more satisfying and meaningful.

In your relationship if you are experiencing:

  • Feelings of anger or resentment.

  • Trust issues.

  • Feeling unheard or misunderstood - not communicating well.

  • Stuck in patterns of behaviour.

  • Feeling distant from each other​.

Relationship counselling can provide an environment for you to talk openly about what you are experiencing and how your behaviour and communication style impacts on your partner. You can learn skills to improve the way you communicate, gain understanding and achieve better ways of of being together, with a deeper connection and intimacy. 

My work with children starts with meeting with the parent or caregiver alone to gain understanding of their perspective and concerns. I work age appropriately using play therapy with younger children. I work with young people with the aim for the young person to include the parent or care giver at the appropriate time, believing it is helpful for the parent/caregiver to understand what the young person is experiencing and how best to support them. I am a parent of three children, all with different personalities so I understand that every child is unique. I work with the young people to help them understand their feelings and be able to verbalise them so the can communicate confidently.

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